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  1. Comcast Restores Remote DVR Recording Function After TiVo Patents Expire
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It shows that their comments calling TiVo patented technology 'obsolete' was a false statement from the beginning. Comcast, of course, has a different opinion. Rovi's aging and increasingly obsolete portfolio has little if any relevance to Comcast's independently developed technology. Multi-front legal battle TiVo and Comcast have been punching and counter-punching in the courts for months, with neither side willing to buckle.

Comcast Restores Remote DVR Recording Function After TiVo Patents Expire

TiVo has continued to hit Comcast with additional suits asserting more patent claims that, it hopes, will cause Comcast to remove important features from its service or compel Comcast to sign a new deal. Meanwhile, Comcast has tried to neutralize TiVo's asserted patents at every turn while arguing the cable operator developed its X1 technology in-house. Of recent note, a judge at the ITC issued an initial determination in June that Comcast had not infringed on three asserted claims by TiVo, but did infringe on two claims that might cause Comcast to disable what's viewed as a minor feature that highlights search results that come from inquiries entered into the MSO's video platform using a remote control.

CNET Update - Comcast ditches the DVR for cloud recordings

However, disabling those highlights would not prevent the search results from being presented. Speaking on the company's Q2 earnings call in July, recently named TiVo CEO David Shull stressed that TiVo is "committed to this lengthy legal process," holding that the company has "hundreds" of patents it believes are related to Comcast's X1 platform.

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